Palestinian-American Artist Manal Deeb

In our online Gallery we are presenting Manal Deeb, a Palestinian-American artist. Her goal is to bring her Palestinian heritage to speak across times and places, therefore her work is adapted from the history, presence and to an extent the unseen future of Palestine.

“Iris was a Pupil” by American Multi-media Artist James Clar

DUBAI / Carbon 12 hosts the solo exhibition of the American multi-media artist James Clar, “Iris was a Pupil”. As the title clearly suggests it, the new works are about the sensation of visual stimuli, the constant challenge of finding new viewpoints, and the demand to keep seeing things from fresh perspectives.

Contemporary British Artist Annya Sand Exhibits ‘Abstract Thinking’ at Art Gallery of Uzbekistan

Contemporary artist Annya Sand is showcasing her collection 'Abstract Thinking' with a solo exhibition at the Art Gallery of Uzbekistan in Tashkent. The exhibition will open on 5-6 October and run for two weeks. Most of the paintings are being lent by private individuals, this includes more than 7 different lenders from 5 countries. Annya Sand is widely regarded as one of the most aspiring young contemporary abstract artists and she has drawn critical acclaim from some of the most iconic art critics and international press in recent history.

The Nature of Art

Naz often works with natural elements such as stems, salt and spices but also enjoys exploring the relationship between the different elements. “I enjoy creating order out of chaos, which is a sort of meditation for me,” said Naz. “The materials I use hold a collective memory, either my own personal narrative or in conjunction to the origin of the materials.”

In Memoriam: Lubna Agha – Artist in White

In February this year, a retrospective of art by Lubna Agha was featured at the Gardiner Art Gallery on the campus of Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma. An outstanding exhibition featuring many of her recent paintings, it would be Lubna’s last. Lubna passed away May 6 at her home in Boston, Massachusetts.

‘Dust Breeding’ by Turkish artist Ergin Çavusoglu

The Pavilion Downtown Dubai presents a solo show by Turkish artist Ergin Çavusoglu (October 2 – December 4, 2011) consisting of a largescale interactive vinyl perspective floor drawing in Gallery 2. The artwork functions as a manipulation of perception and space and also provides an astute commentary on issues of real estate and labor.