In Memory of Esref Kovacevic, 20th Century Bosnian Calligrapher

It has been twenty 20 years since Esref Kovacevic's death. He was a renowned Bosnian historian, scholar, translator and calligrapher. His scientific work is well known to researchers of the Ottoman Bosnia and Herzegovina, while the general public knows him by his long poem in honour of Muhammad (pbuh), his calligraphy and his transcription of Qur’an.

19th Century Bosnian Calligrapher Sheikh Muhammed Behauddin Sikiric

Behauddin Sikiric was a great 19th century Bosnian calligrapher. His diploma states that he achieved a high title of calligraphy - hattat and that he perfected all the styles (aklam-i sitte) as well as other styles. In ijazatnama it is written: "He has mastered all styles, thuluth, naskh, diwani, riqa, sijaket, rejhani, jeli, kufic, ta'lik, tughra, sinjir, and God alone knows what he has mastered."