Pulse in a Wall

Graffiti art, ranging from simple written words to elaborate wall paintings has existed since ancient times. However it has undergone countless transformations and today graffiti art receives more attention and focus in the Arab world, available to all who wish to write or draw on a public wall in order to deliver a certain message.

Aerosol Spiritual Art: Mohammed Ali at TEDxViadellaConciliazione

ITALY / An Italian cardinal, a Serbian basketball star, the Cuban-born American singer Gloria Estefan and a Muslim graffiti artist from Birmingham, UK were invited to take part in the TEDxViadellaConciliazione event on April 19th, the first ever TEDx event to take place in the Vatican State.

‘Tacapes’ the Story of an Amazing Artistic Project

Almost two years after Tunisia's famous revolts, artist eL Seed returns to his hometown Gabes, for his biggest artistic challenge yet. He has five weeks, during the height of summer in the month of Ramadan, to adorn both sides of Tunisia's tallest minaret on Jara mosque. Tacapes is the story of a project which almost failed, an artist who never gave up, and a town that inspired the Revolution in countless ways.

Graffiti Artist el Seed Painted Mural on Tunisia’s Tallest Minaret

French-born Tunisian artist eL Seed painted Tunisia’s largest graffiti mural on the country’s tallest minaret, located at the Jara Mosque in the south-eastern industrial city of Gabès. Reacting to the recent clashes between religious sects and the art community in Tunisia, the artist embarked on a project to transform this religious landmark into a public artwork during the holy month of Ramadan.

Graffiti artist Aerosol Arabic at Muscat Youth Summit

The well known graffiti artist Mohammed Ali (Aerosol Arabic) just returned from the great city of Muscat in Oman where he was invited to the Muscat Youth Summit. He was asked to deliver an ‘Urban Art’ program to a nearly 300 young people from 15-24.