Sphere in Box - Mosque

StudiOZ designed a mosque in Kayseri Municipality (in Turkey) in memory of Sinan, the architect because historically, the Turkish mosque reached its highest potential under his design.

Go-Ahead for Germany’s Biggest Mosque

After much controversy, Cologne's city council has voted in favor of building Germany's largest mosque. The opposition of a local far-right group wasn't enough to stop plans that will change the city's historic skyline forever.

Rux: the vanishing mosque

New York-based design studio Rux has won the 'Design as reform' competition hosted by Traffic, a Dubai-based Art and Design Collective.

Nuru Osmaniye mosque

The most beautiful mosque of this period is Nuru Osmaniye, located in the heart of old Istanbul, next to the large bazaar. Its size and beauty transcends all subsequent projects, and it could be said to represent, somewhat, a happy blend of European and classical Ottoman architectural style. However, this relationship was not natural, and later, in that sense, nothing significant could't be expected. We could say Nuru Osmaniye was a first and the last successful attempt of such direction.