Tradition as Innovation in the Fine Art Ceramics of Zehra Çobanlı

"I love nature and flowers. Tulips are my favourite flower. The tulip or ‘laleh’ is said to be elegant, noble and a symbol of love. The tulip reveals the purity of colour and form. If we look at tulips, we can observe that they have opened their hearts to us. In Sufism, the flower symbolizes the Creator because 'Allah' is written with the same letters of alif, lam and ha. " (Dr. Zehra Çobanlı)

Islamic Calligraphy Art by Ayman Hassan

"Islamic calligraphy is not a mere well measured legible writing; it is all about harmony of lines and compositions, inner music, and spirituality. A real masterpiece of calligraphy is a window from which human can have a glimpse of the divine beauty." (Ayman Hassan)

The Life Lessons of Tezhip

“You can express yourself with the Islamic arts, but it is not the essential goal. The essential goals are to mature our characters and get the Islamic message across to people.” (Lutfiye Depeler)

Contemporary View of Islamic Art

"My work relies on classical Islamic calligraphy to the extent that I have been given an inspiration and intense need to move the boundaries, to get rid of the rigid, clear and precise rules of expression without underestimating or distorting the value of classical art." (Minela Asani-Omerovic)

Conservation as a Principle of Minimal Intervention

Azra Bečević-Šarenkapa studied textiles at the Textile-Tehnological Faculty in Zagreb, Croatia and finished her Master of conservation at the Durham University in UK. Currently she is working as the Senior Conservator at the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I had a pleasure of sitting down with her and discussing her 17 year long contribution to many museums in Bosnia and the region.

The Made In..Gallery, Venice

"Some art clearly reflects the cultures of the Middle East and some shows that Middle Eastern artists work in a similar fashion as in the West: they —we— are not different. And both types of work create a positive change of the image of the Middle East in Italy." (Enas Elkorashy)

Saudi Identity and Speaking Back

"I think that art can help displace this gaze, but it has to be a reciprocal effort. One of my most enjoyable moments when I show my work is seeing people's reactions change after reading my statements." (Eiman Elgibreen)

From Spain to Morocco, Benjamin-Constant in His Time

"Benjamin-Constant makes the balance among a clear palette inspired by his trips to Morocco, the depth of blacks from Rembrandt, and the colorful vividness from Delacroix, his two main masters. His facility to create such a decorative atmosphere or striking imagery explains that he was sometimes criticized for privileging aesthetics and composition over the people portrayed, but it is the work’s aesthetic sense that is exactly what we appreciate now." (Nathalie Bondil)

A Global Vision of Art

“The combination of emotion, personal experience and consciousness tends to provide the perfect ingredients for a meaningful work of art.” (Kashya Hildebrand)