Nuru Osmaniye mosque

The most beautiful mosque of this period is Nuru Osmaniye, located in the heart of old Istanbul, next to the large bazaar. Its size and beauty transcends all subsequent projects, and it could be said to represent, somewhat, a happy blend of European and classical Ottoman architectural style. However, this relationship was not natural, and later, in that sense, nothing significant could't be expected. We could say Nuru Osmaniye was a first and the last successful attempt of such direction.

Painting on Ceramic Tiles

One of the most advanced forms of Ottoman art is a painting on ceramic tiles. This form of decoration is a trademark of indoor decorating of Ottoman mosques and other buildings. Usually it was a large wall composition.

Leaf from Poem in Honor of the Prophet Muhammad

This folio from Walters manuscript W.582 is an illuminated page introducing the beginning of the poem. It consists of the main framed panel with a domed headpiece and decorated borders. The text is divided into four panels executed in naskh and thuluth scripts in black, gold and blue ink.