Giant mural in Bradford by Mohammed Ali AerosolArabic

Mohammed Ali is an internationally famous graffiti artist who is to undergo one of his most ambitious projects yet at the University of Bradford. In fact, at 950 square meters of building site hoardings around the site of The Green will be transformed. Mohammed’s work at the University will explore the power of education to transform the world.

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Sphere in Box - Mosque

StudiOZ designed a mosque in Kayseri Municipality (in Turkey) in memory of Sinan, the architect because historically, the Turkish mosque reached its highest potential under his design.

The Contemporary Art Scene in Syria

Arab countries have not exactly been conspicuous on the art scene. Now, however, all that is changing as international auction houses and Syrian art gallery owners are doing their best to make Syrian art the next big thing.

Go-Ahead for Germany’s Biggest Mosque

After much controversy, Cologne's city council has voted in favor of building Germany's largest mosque. The opposition of a local far-right group wasn't enough to stop plans that will change the city's historic skyline forever.