19th Century Bosnian Calligrapher Sheikh Muhammed Behauddin Sikiric

Behauddin Sikiric was a great 19th century Bosnian calligrapher. His diploma states that he achieved a high title of calligraphy - hattat and that he perfected all the styles (aklam-i sitte) as well as other styles. In ijazatnama it is written: "He has mastered all styles, thuluth, naskh, diwani, riqa, sijaket, rejhani, jeli, kufic, ta'lik, tughra, sinjir, and God alone knows what he has mastered."

Sokollu Mehmet Pasha and His Mosque Complex in Istanbul

Sokollu Mehmet Pasha, also known as Mehmed Paša Sokolović, was born in Sokolovići, Bosnia. Recognized for his outstanding abilities, honesty and commitment to public service, he secured several important positions within the Ottoman administration, such as imperial chamberlain, chief treasurer, governor or beylerbey of Rumelia, navy admiral, and army commander.

The Life Lessons of Tezhip

“You can express yourself with the Islamic arts, but it is not the essential goal. The essential goals are to mature our characters and get the Islamic message across to people.” (Lutfiye Depeler)

Turkish Tezhip Today: The Art of Fatma Özçay

“My real world is art, which shows my soul and feelings. Sometimes, I imagine the flowers in paradise and try to design them, which makes me as happy as if I had actually seen them. İf you want to know me, you just look at my artwork so that you see my feelings, dreams, belief and soul.” (Fatma Özçay)