In our online Gallery we are presenting Manal Deeb, a Palestinian-American artist. Her goal is to bring her Palestinian heritage to speak across times and places, therefore her work is adapted from the history, presence and to an extent the unseen future of Palestine.

image Manal Deeb, a Palestinian-American artist / Courtesy of the Artist

Manal’s work reflects issues of identity; issues that for her are so pertinent in recollecting her Palestinian origin. Most of the materials Manal uses have a sort of "sacred" value or a close relationship to her childhood memories; such as decayed pieces of wood, reflecting the memory of her playing around the almond and fig trees during her childhood.

Manal Deeb studied Studio Arts at the University of Illinois in Chicago, and received her Bachelor Degree in Psychology of Art from George Mason University in Virginia.

image Manal Deeb / A Home Land, 2011, 23x32 in, mixed media painting, Photo: Valerie Cavalheri / Courtesy of the Artist

Artist Statement : Paintings in one’s dreams, denote the passing of time (memories), advancing of years, and the days of one's life. As for a Palestinian in exile, paintings in a dream mean reunion with the family and the beloved ones in the homeland “Palestine.”

image Manal Deeb / New Dream, 2012, 19x23 in, mixed media painting-photography, Photo: Valerie Cavalheri / Courtesy of the Artist

Her work represents dreams and memories. An attempt to interpret the known versus the unknown of finding home, self, identity, and the challenge it presents in the creation of art. The content and narrative behind each piece explain the artist’s Palestinian origin. Textured surfaces convey dream persistence and memory perseverance. In some cases words from the Qur'an are incorporated to capture the wisdom and power of the verses and to communicate their imaginative energy.


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