ISTANBUL / All Arts Istanbul will be held for the first time in April 2013, at the Istanbul Convention Center, and it will offer art enthusiasts a wide array of works, ranging from Turkish and Ottoman traditional arts to antiques, from modern to contemporary art. In addition to a variety of artworks from Turkey, Middle East and North Africa, antiques and contemporary art will be presented to audiences side by side for the first time.

Istanbul will gain a brand new fair in April, a fair designed with a unique vision and concept. All Arts Istanbul will be presented to art enthusiasts in the Istanbul Convention Center between 18-21 April 2013. The fair will encompass historical and new age production, and also offer a different dimension to the art life in Istanbul with traditional Turkish artworks, antiques, modern and contemporary art.

Galleries, institutions and auction houses in addition to second-hand booksellers, artisans, craftsmen, antique dealers and publications will participate in the fair. All Arts Istanbul private art collections will be showcased in three categories:

  • I. section: Classical Turkish Arts, will offer traditional works of art including calligraphy, miniatures, gilding, kat’i, marbling, binding, and tile samples.
  • II. section: Antiques, will showcase painting, china, ephemera (small artefacts from daily life), jewellery, carpets, and numismatic objects (coins).
  • III. section: galleries will display examples of modern and contemporary art.

With a comprehensive approach to art, All Arts Istanbul aims to serve as the nexus point in Turkey for people and institutions who invest in art and art objects. The fair will offer participants many programs to choose from, including visits to artist's studios, guided tours of museums and private collections, seminars, conferences and workshops.

The Advisory Board for All Arts Istanbul was created with key figures from the art world. The first comprehensive meeting of the fair took place in The Sofa Hotel.

''Istanbul is becoming one of the most important contemporary art centers in the world, and the Biennial as well as the Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, which has taken place for the 7th time in 2012, are strong contributors of this development.'' (Ali Güreli, the President of the Board of All Arts Istanbul)

Ali Güreli, the President of the Board of All Arts Istanbul also called attention to the private sector’s piqued interest in art, saying “Interesting and important exhibitions took place in Istanbul in recent years, the likes of which had never been executed in Turkey before. After developing its contemporary art scene, Istanbul will expand its cultural, economic and touristic boundaries further with ''All Arts Istanbul Fair'' in Istanbul. Intense interest in the traditional arts, the need for investment in art as a tool of of modernization, today, is quite tangible in these fields even beyond the known names. All Arts Istanbul will contribute greatly to the city, culture and art.”

General Coordinator of All Arts Istanbul, Prof. Dr. Hasan Bülent Kahraman also said: “All Arts Istanbul will create a platform for traditional, exemplary art works that are produced in Turkey, that are neither marketed nor promoted to the fullest outside the scope of auctions and some limited networks. Collectors who have so far presented their accumulations only in auctions, will be given a chance to present, promote and if the occasion arises, sell their valuable objects, and the fair will create an opportunity to enrich and transform existing collections. The fair will be a platform where buyers and sellers will be able to come together in a highly contemporary setting and an attractive setup.’’

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