Contemporary artist Annya Sand is showcasing her collection 'Abstract Thinking' with a solo exhibition at the Art Gallery of Uzbekistan in Tashkent. The exhibition will open on 5-6 October and run for two weeks. Most of the paintings are being lent by private individuals, this includes more than 7 different lenders from 5 countries. Annya Sand is widely regarded as one of the most aspiring young contemporary abstract artists and she has drawn critical acclaim from some of the most iconic art critics and international press in recent history.

Sponsored by the The Fund Forum of Culture and Arts of Uzbekistan, the exhibition provides a journey through Annya Sand's world of abstract painting, where her ideas and expressions are entirely open for you to interpret and explore through your imagination.

"This collection of 17 works are inspired by a story of events or images that has influenced my view and perception of life. I hope that my abstract way of expressing my inspirations will allow you to relate to my art and enhance your own ideas and experiences in life."- Annya Sand

image Annya Sand / Deep, Oil on canvas, 132x195 cm / Courtesy of the Artist

image Annya Sand / On the Red Square, Oil on canvas, 91x122 cm / Courtesy of the Artist

Annya's first trip to Uzbekistan also has an exploratory purpose. Prior to opening the exhbition, she will travel to the historic city of Samarkand to observe the traditional architecture and unique mosaic tiles. This will help provide the research and inspiration for her next collection dedicated to Central Asia. This trip has a very personal meaning to her as a native of neighboring Kazakhstan.

image Annya Sand / Reflection, Oil on canvas, 132x195 cm / Courtesy of the Artist

image Annya Sand / Taj Mahal, Oil on canvas, 115x122 cm / Courtesy of the Artist

Today Annya lives and works in London. "I love traveling the world, but London inspires me like no other city, however I am very happy to be born in Kazakhstan. These two very different cultures, Europe and Central Asia contribute so much into my development as an artist and as a person." She is one of the most prominent young artists to have emerged from Central Asia. Sand’s abstract painting is notable for its influence from the impressionism movement. Her works are included in many private collections around the world.

image Left: Ultimate Love, Oil on canvas, 200 x 132 cm / Right: Untitled, Oil on canvas, 100x52 cm / Courtesy of the Artist

Annya Sand first came to public attention while working as a Co-Director of the Russian, Eastern and Oriental Art Fair in London in 2010. During the art fair Annya sold her own works to raise money for the Children's Burns Trust. With the support of the leading British art critic, Andrew Graham-Dixon, Annya launched the 'Annya Sand Art Prize' to support emerging artists from former Soviet Republics and help them to break into the Western art world.

image Annya Sand / Untitled, Oil on canvas, 152x153 cm / Courtesy of the Artist

Annya Sand is represented in the UK by Tanya Baxter Contemporary at The Kings Road Gallery, Chelsea, London and in Dubai by the Alif Art Gallery.

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