SARAJEVO (BiH) / An exhibition "Contemporary Turkish Painting From The Collection Of The Central Bank of The Republic of Turkey" at National Gallery in Sarajevo.

It is perhaps common knowledge that the Turkish art of painting produced its first examples, in the sense of taking an approach to art using paint as in the West, in the 1980s, and that early on it was influenced by French Academic Realism, immediatelly followed by an adherence to French Impressionism. The French influence arose primarily from the close economic, social, and political relations the Ottoman Empire had with France.

The new approach, ushered in by the will for radical change and innovation in the period starting with the proclamation of the Turkish Republic (1923), was, in terms of perception, interpretation, and the forms they took, directly connected to developments that began in the last days of the Empire. However, it was the republican ideal that, until the 1930s and 1940s, unwaveringly drew Turkish artists in quest of modern perception. Lasting up to the 1950s, this process may be described as the period in which Turkish art achieved its genesis.

Also during the post-1950s period, Turkish painting seriously diversified, acquiring a range of figure perception that embraced different approaches to painting as it further enriched itself by not rejecting traditional connections. The changing political and social milieus of the 1970s reinforced this diversification in the form of Pop Art, Photorealism, Minimalism and conceptual art. Similarly, the 1980s, because of the new dynamics they brought forth, forced Turkish artists to reorganize themselves, as art was debated once more from the standpoint of action, concept, and phenomenon, in the absolute senses of these words.

Some highlights from the exhibition:
Hikmet Onat (1882 Istanbul -1977 Istanbul)

View from the woods, Oil on canvas, 67x80 cm, 1939

Cevat Erkul (1897 Selanik -1981 Istanbul)

Cutter on the Bosphorus, Oil on canvas, 50x73 cm

Fikret Mualla (1903 Istanbul - 1967 Reillanne, France)

Still life, Oil on canvas, 46x61 cm, 1953

Nimetullah Gerasim (1904 Moskva - 1986 Ankara)

Uskudar, Oil on canvas, 60x46 cm, 1958

Hasan Hulusi Mercan (1913 Sogut - 1988 Ankara)

Yahts on the Bosphorus, Oil on Duralite, 62x83 cm

Sabri F. Berkel (1907 Skoplje - 1993 Istanbul)

Composition, Serigraphy, 40x70 cm, 1965

Mubin Orhon (1924 Istanbul - 1981 Paris)

Untitled, Oil on Canvas, 80x80 cm, 1976

Turan Erol (1927 Milas)

Landscape, Trees, Oil on Canvas, 70x100 cm, 1982

Adnan Coker (1927 Istanbul)

Reconstruction II, Acrylic on Canvas, 146x146 cm, 1992

Burhan Dogancay (1929 Istanbul)

Untitled, Acrylic on Canvas, 103x103 cm, 1982

Erol Akyavas (1932 Istanbul - 1999 Istanbul)

Recounting of Mohammed’s Ascension Into Heaven, Litograph, 65x55 cm, 1987

Ergin Inan (1943 Malatya)

Hand, Mixed Media on Handmade Paper, 51x41 cm, 1993

Kemal Onsoy (1953 Isparta)

Untitled, Mixed Media on Canvas, 130x148 cm, 1988

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