Creative Colours Arts Launches an exciting new historical project “The UK’S first Handwritten Qur’an” (2010-2012)

On May 21, 2010 in the hustle and bustle of the Northern city of Manchester, history was being made. Inspired by a desire to preserve a sacred tradition and introduce it to contemporary society, renown calligrapher, Sabah Arbilli commissioned by Creative Colours put quill to parchment, and set on a journey that will take 2 years. The first page of the Holy Qur’an was written amongst a large audience of 300 people.

International winner of calligraphy Sabah Arbilli will be devoting the next two years to the project, which aims to renew interest in the beautiful art of calligraphy. A page will be written daily totalling to 609 pages in Naqsh Style. The project aims to bring together the Muslim community in this innovative and inspirational process. Shahida Ahmed, CEO of Creative Colours, explains: “We want to write the words revealed to the Beloved Prophet Mohammed PBUH, with beauty and purity, and relive the dying art of calligraphy here in the UK. Artist in this country from South Asian and Middle Eastern cultures can make many contributions through art. Art is the tool that can create dialogue and cohesion, places like the Alhambra and Taj Mahal have been contributions by Muslims that now make a worldy wonder. The Uk’s first hand written Qur’an will be a positive way forward to help erase some of the negativity Muslims have had in the media.”

The Creative Colours team aims to produce a full hand written and hand bound Qur’an, on handmade paper (authenticated by a panel of scholars). They intend to document its making via film/photography/internet and will be organizing workshops and group visits to witness the project in action and to raise awareness about the art of calligraphy. There will be 30 limited editions of the Qur’an for sponsors of each section. By developing traditional art skills they intend to work with schools and local communities, artists and galleries so the Qur’an project, on completion, will be displayed in museums, galleries, community buildings and archives throughout Britain. The organizers of the project want the project to reach a wide audience as possible, so that we can all share the experience of the journey and the final outcome of the UK’s first handwritten, hand bound Qur’an on hand-made paper.

Creative Colours

founded by Shahida Ahmed is based in the Pendle, Lancashire. Individuals or local businesses who would like the opportunity to support or sponsor this once in a lifetime project should contact Shahida Ahmed at Creative Colours: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or visit website:

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