The captivating beauty of Islamic art will take the centrestage this summer, at Emaar’s Ramadan tent ‘Downtown,’ and ‘The Gallery’ at Emaar Pavilion in Downtown Dubai.

Featuring an inspiring selection of Islamic art from the London-based gallery, Ahlan Art, ‘Downtown’ and ‘The Gallery' at Emaar Pavilion is home to a handpicked collection of 27 different paintings entitled ‘Downtown Ramadan’ Art Exhibition celebrating Islamic art & culture.

Incorporating verses from the Holy Qur'an, illustrations of mosques and other elements associated with the Holy Month, the exhibition features works across numerous mediums including acrylic, calligraphy, watercolour, mixed media, and photography, by artists from Africa, India, Lebanon, Pakistan, Syria, and the UK.

Highlights from the Exhibition

'Fanaa' by Peter Gould

Mix media blended with rich calligraphy in perspective. With the letters and form descending into the skies, this piece portrays peace and contemplation.

image Peter Gould / Fanaa(2014), Mix Media on Canvas, 75x75 cm / Courtesy of Ahlan Art Gallery, London

'Ripple' by Siddiqa Juma

"Together, in union, we pray. A perspective on the energy, unity, and entirety of the Muslim ‘Ummah’ community in Mecca." (Siddiqa Juma)

image Siddiqa Juma / Ripple (2013), Acrylic on Canvas, 100x100 cm / Courtesy of Ahlan Art Gallery, London

'Minarets, Suleiman Mosque' by George H Lewis

Suleiman Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

image George H Lewis / Minarets, Suleiman Mosque (2011), Photography, 100x70 cm / Courtesy of Ahlan Art Gallery, London

The exhibition will run until August 31, 2014. See the full collection HERE.

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