SARAJEVO / The Freedom to Create Exhibition at the Art Gallery of BIH is a special compilation of artworks from the 2010 Freedom to Create Prize entries that focus on peace building. We can also see 'Frames of Reality', a unique peace building initiative in collaboration with the Peres Center for Peace. The exhibition will be open until August 2, 2011.

The Freedom to Create Exhibition provides a platform for artists to express the fear, challenges and aspirations of ordinary people and encourages the collective participation of society in perpetuating change. Previous Freedom to Create Exhibitions have been held in London, New York, Harare, Kabul, Cairo and Mumbai.

Highlights from the Exhibition:

Manal Al Dowayan, “I am”, Photography, Saudi Arabia.

Abir Abdullah, “Shattered Faces”, Photography, Bangladesh.

Laura Boushnak, “I Read, I Write”, Photography, Egypt.

Ryan Spencer Reed, ” The Cost of Silence”, Photography, Sudan.

Soheil Tavakoli, “The Green Movement”, Graphic Art, Iran.

Sara Rahbar, “I Don’t Want to go to Heaven, I have Settled for Hell”, Mixed Media, Iran/USA.

Hasan & Husain Essop, “Halaal Art”, Photography, South Africa.

Matt Moyer, “The Shia of Iraq”, Photography, Iraq.

Marcel Mettelsiefen & Christoph Reuter, “Kunduz, September 4th, 2009”, Photography, Afganistan.

All photos from the exhibition were taken by Elvira Bojadzic for Islamic Arts Magazine
© Copyright Freedom To Create

Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina
zelenih Beretki 8
71 000 Sarajevo


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