In our online Gallery we present a Turkish artist Halis Ayan.

image Halis Ayan, Ebru / Courtesy of the Artist

Halis Ayan was born in 1959, in Turhal, Turkey. His interest in art started at a very young age. In 1980 he graduated as an art teacher at the College of Arts in Samsun. For more then 40 years he is perfecting his skills as calligrapher and ebru artist. In 1995, he studied calligraphy, Thuluth style from Mehmet Memiş in İstanbul and in 1997 from Rafet Küllüoğlu and Musa Özdağ.

In 1995 Halis learned ebru from Fuat Başar, Peyami Gürel, Ahmet Çoktan and in 1996 from Osman Şimşek. In 1996 he also attended a course of illumination (tezhip) by Şahin İnalöz in Amasya. He is now a skillful tezhib artist with more then 15 years of experience.

For the past 3 years, as a retired teacher, he is passing his knowledge to student through calligraphy and ebru workshops.

image Halis Ayan, Ebru / Courtesy of the Artist


  • 1996 Amasya Group Exhibition (As a result of one month training of ebru and tezhip)
  • 2010 Kocaeli / Gölcük Turkish and Islamic Arts Exhibition
  • 2010 Kocaeli / Değirmendere Group Exhibition
  • 2010 Kocaeli Fair Area Group Exhibition

image Halis Ayan / Bismillahir-rahmanir-rahim, ink on the paper and ebru / Courtesy of the Artist

image Halis Ayan / Flower Ebru / Courtesy of the Artist

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