The Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award (HIPA) has announced a total of five winners for the recently concluded August edition of the Instagram Photo Contest, titled ‘Windows’.

Submissions were received under the hashtag #HIPAContest_Windows, through the official HIPA Instagram account @HIPAae. The five winners hail from: Indonesia, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates respectively.

HIPA Secretary General, His Excellency Ali bin Thalith said, “As each month passes, we continue to see the superb talent within our photographic community through the Instagram Photo Contest. ‘Windows’ was a theme which we considered to be rather challenging and in turn expected an interesting mix of submissions this month. We are delighted that our expectations were exceeded by the creativity in many of the submissions, something that is also clear in the winning photographs. We thank all those that submitted in the contest this month and congratulate all the winners on their superb photographs.”

Indonesian photographer and winner for the month of August, Yoga Ardi Nugroho @yoga_yogreat said, “I took my winning photograph at the Wirasaba Air Base in Indonesia where old planes were transformed into playgrounds for kids. The moment I snapped the photograph coincided with a plane flying nearby, leading the kids that were playing inside the DC-10 aeroplane to peer their heads out of the windows to get a glimpse. The curiosity in the children’s faces was inspiring to me and I hope to be able to create more inspiring photography in the years to come.”

Another winner, Mohammed Al Ali @moh_al3li from the United Arab Emirates described his unique photograph, “I took this photograph in a hospital in India, where a family member of mine was receiving treatment. Passing through the nursery, I noticed a small new born baby boy lying inside an incubator and asked for permission to photograph him through the tiny incubator window. I am very happy and proud to have taken such a unique photograph which thankfully has been recognised by HIPA. As I continue to grow as a photographer, I hope that I can reach a level where I become a mentor to other photographers wanting to improve themselves.”

The Winners

Ari Yuliarso, Indonesia

image Ari Yuliarso, Indonesia / Courtesy of HIPA

Bahauddin Raja Baso, Indonesia

image Bahauddin Raja Baso, Indonesia / Courtesy of HIPA

Mohammed Abdulrahman Al Ali, United Arab Emirates

image Mohammed Abdulrahman Al Ali, United Arab Emirates / Courtesy of HIPA

Mohd Nazri bin Sulaiman, Malaysia

image Mohd Nazri bin Sulaiman, Malaysia / Courtesy of HIPA

Yoga Ardi Nugroho, Indonesia

image Yoga Ardi Nugroho, Indonesia / Courtesy of HIPA

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