Sabrina Amrani Gallery has partnered with the International Emerging Artist Award (IEAA) for its 3rd edition, to uncover emerging talents from all over the world and help them launch their careers as internationally acclaimed artists. The prize will be awarded to an International artist and an Emirati artist.

The IEAA is the United Arab Emirates’ first contemporary art award open for both Emirati and international participants. Based in Dubai, the IEAA was created with the vision to provide a world class recognition for emerging artists and as a means to showcase their work by offering visibility on the international art scene. IEAA strives also to contribute to the UAE’s vision to position the UAE as a global hub for emerging art.

For the 2013-2014 award edition, IEAA is pursuing its mission to offer the best career incentive to its winners with a prize that will motivate any ambitious artist by exclusively tying up with Sabrina Amrani Gallery to offer an outstanding prize to both an Emirati and an international winner: a 2 year gallery representation by Sabrina Amrani Gallery.

Sabrina Amrani and International Emerging Artist Award are pleased to announce the open call for entries to IEAA 2013, for emerging artists from all over the world.

Entries will be accepted until February 5, 2014.


The award will be granted to an international artist and an Emirati artist. The prize consists on a two year full representation by Sabrina Amrani Gallery. This will include one duo show in the gallery space in Madrid, the participation at an international art fair, one international group show and continuous career development throughout the representation for both of the artists.

In addition, IEAA will be organizing the unveiling of the winners’ work in Dubai in May 2014, taking care of the expenses of travel, accomodation and shipment of artworks through a partnership with Aramex. The winners will also have their artwork broadcasted on ikono TV. All winners and shortlisted artists will be offered a permanent display on the IEAA online gallery, a platform that allows participants that didn’t win the visibility and recognition they deserve.

Criteria to participate

What differentiates IEAA from the other art contests is primarily its mission to identify the innovative aspect of the artwork submitted, its originality which is the combination of conceptual and aesthetic value of the artwork and the overall coherence of the exhibition project. Therefore, the notion of “emergence” is understood in the subtlety of its two meanings: both innovation aspect and unknown or not known by the grand public. The age of the participant is not a criteria for the selection given what matters the most: the quality and consistency of the artistic production.

Therefore, IEAA is seeking for artists whom are most able to create artwork in a personal and contemporary approach along with a coherent theme. Judges will value an innovative concept and will take into account the artists commitment to sincere practice that culminates a unique application. All media and material are accepted: painting, illustration & drawing, photography including innovative manipulation of the image, mixed media, digital art, video art, sculpture, etc.

Participants are requested to submit an exhibition project which consists of a series of artwork using the media of their choice or a combination of media and support. The subject should express a contemporary issue or an original concept and should be preferably executed using innovative technique of production. The participant should explain how the work proposed is original as well as the concept behind it. It should reveal the universe of the artist, the inspiration and imagination which make the project personal and unique. This series should preferably have not been exhibited or little before to preserve its emerging characteristic.


The IEAA 3rd Edition Jury

  • Sabrina Amrani (Spain), Owner and director, Sabrina Amrani Gallery
  • Elizabeth Markevitch (Germany), Founder, ikono
  • Carole Rinaldi (France), Art & Design Consultant and Critic, Editor-in-Chief at Emerging Lab and Member of the Advisory Board of IEAA
  • Pablo de Laborde Lascaris (Mexico), Artist, Sculptor and Video artist, Winner of the IEAA 2nd Edition
  • Dr. Hamad Al Falasi (UAE), Artist, Photographer, Winner of the IEAA 2nd Edition

The Partnership

Sabrina Amrani Gallery holds a strong record on the international art scene, participating actively in art fairs and international exhibitions offering great commercial and development opportunities to its artists. The gallery has the reputation to support emerging artists in their career development, a positioning that made the partnership with IEAA evident. "When we approached Sabrina Amrani Gallery, it quickly became obvious that the gallery was the right partner for the 3rd edition, not only for its deep understanding of the Middle East market but also for having a global approach on the art market which is exactly what IEAA envisions for its winners when elaborating the grand prize" says Rebia Naim, Award Director. "For our gallery, this partnership represents an opportunity to unveil talent out there that is worth to be presented to the world and do exactly that," comments Sabrina Amrani.

This partnership is strengthened by the exceptional collaboration with TV channel ikono -including ikono MENASA- with coverage in 30 countries and an audience of 35 million viewers.

Sabrina Amrani

Sabrina Amrani opened her eponymous space in June 2011. Based in Madrid (Spain), Sabrina strongly believes in the potential of the global art market by spreading her activities all over the world. The gallery participates actively in international art fairs and group shows taking its artists from Miami to Tokyo, Beirut, Amsterdam, London, Casablanca, Paris, Torino or Dubai and hosts at least six exhibitions a year in its space. Sabrina Amrani has definitely set her name on the international art scene representing both emerging and renowned artists such as Younes Baba-ali (Morocco), Amina Benbouchta (Morocco), Elvire Bonduelle (France), Zoulikha Bouabdellah (Algeria), Ayesha Jatoi (Pakistan), Nicène Kossentini (Tunisia), Waqas Khan (Pakistan), Larissa Sansour (Palestine) and UBIK (India).

Her interest in emerging artists has led Sabrina Amrani to offer her gallery as a platform to uncover new talents while providing all the necessary support to develop their career on the international art scene by guiding the artist through the different processes for building a strong reputation. Her close rapport with the artist is definitely related to her graduation in Sociology and Business Management from La Sorbonne, Paris but also to the personal belief that art constitutes the greatest cultural ambassador.


ikono is a media platform displaying and broadcasting visual arts, founded in 2006 by Elizabeth Markevitch and based in Berlin, Germany. Through its two HDTV channels ikono MENASA and ikono TV, ikono broadcasts a unique program dedicated to the arts of all epochs from antiquity to contemporary art – 24/7 and in HD in over 30 countries and worldwide via live stream. ikono’s program is shaped and produced in cooperation with more than 400 international artists and over 200 collections and archives and the most important museums of the world. All productions are free from additional sound or commentary making it possible for an international audience to have a pure visual and emotional art experience.


  • Call for Entries Ends - February 5, 2014
  • Shortlisted announced - February 2014
  • Winners revealed - May 2014


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