At the FIAC 2011, the Galerie Polaris will present, among other artists, two very interesting artists Khaled Jarrar and Yto Barrada. Coming from Arab countries, thousands kilometres apart, they have had the same approach regarding their country, their world, our world.
Khaled Jarrar

Khaled Jarrar is a young artist from Palestine; he is born and lives in Ramallah. The Fiac will be the very first presentation of his work in France. After that, the galerie Polaris will give him his first solo exhibition in March 2012. On the booth at the Fiac, two videos will be shown alternatively: Journey 110 in which Palestinian men and women cross the wall between Jerusalem and the West bank through a clandestine tunnel. In the second video we follow a man in a scuba-diving outfit in the streets of Ramallah. The video emphasizes the Ubuesque side of an individual who will not find a single drop of water in the city. 

Khaled Jarrar will also present an installation: State of Palestine in which — with a mixture of caustic humour and poetical claim — he proposes to the city of Ramallah to issue a “Green card” to live happy and in harmony in… Palestine. The posters, the desk, the stamp, everything is a reminder of the dreamed passport for another continent. Without any political bias, Khaled Jarrar explores the contradictions that exist in his country and shows the almost Tati-esque dilemma of Palestinians’ daily life.

Image above: Khaled Jarrar, Stamp, State of Palestine #2, 2011. Image courtesy of Galerie Polaris

Khaled Jarrar, Stamp, State of Palestine #1, 2011. Image courtesy of Galerie Polaris

Yto Barrada

A Moroccan artist Yto Barrada lives and works in Tangier. Berlin’s Deutsche Guggenheim made her Artist of the year 2011 for her work as a photographer and video maker and gave her a solo exhibition: RIFFS. She exhibited her work also at the Venice Biennale in Bice Curriger’s exhibition: ILLUMInazioni and in the exhibition at Palazzo Grassi The world is yours.

At the Fiac 2011, the Galerie Polaris will present a set of new photographs.

Yto Barrada, Paysage dit - La Mujer Muerte, 2011, CPrint 80x80cm. Image courtesy of Galerie Polaris

These two artists are in agreement regarding their search of some sort of humanism. Ramallah-Tanger, Morocco-Palestine; two visions that come together and move us.

Galerie Polaris

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