New York, NY / The third annual “Capture the Spirit of Ramadan” International Photography Competition™ brings people together from around the world under the banner of “bridging cultures and inspiring creativity”. Beautiful photos are shared in an effort to counter the negative images of Islam often seen in the media and to open people’s minds and hearts to the good in the faith.

image A moment of serenity with Allah. Abdullah Mokhtar, Egypt / Courtesy of IRPC

The International Ramadan Photography Competition (IRPC) is a unique 30-day visual celebration of Ramadan, which started on July 10, 2013. Artists from over 60 countries have shared images to over 3 million viewers in the past editions of the competition. The best of the collection of IRPC photographs will be exhibited in distinguished venues around the country and around the world as part of its international touring exhibition.

image Alif Lam Meem. Hina Ahmed, Pakistan / Courtesy of IRPC

image At the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Arine Rinawi, Palestine / Courtesy of IRPC

image Curves Of Tranqulity. Shafayet Chowhury, Bangladesh / Courtesy of IRPC

A unique international photography competition

Unique to other international photography competitions in the world, IRPC:

  • Publishes all of the photo entries (that pass the submission criteria for quality and technical expertise), not just selected finalists and winners
  • Photo entries are published daily throughout the competition for the length of the month of Ramadan
  • Accepts photo entries completely online, FREE of charge
  • Welcomes photo entries from photographers regardless of religion, nationality or location
  • Strives to give as much exposure to entrant's’ work by publishing the photos on international media sites, photography and art magazines as an incentive for novice photographers seeking international exposure for the first time
  • Is a non-profit, 100% volunteer initiative

image Date Shop. Rahat Khan, Bangladesh / Courtesy of IRPC

image Everyone can pray. Samar Abu Elouf, Palestine / Courtesy of IRPC

image Father and son with the Quran during Ramadan. Mahmoud Abu Hamda, Palestine / Courtesy of IRPC

image The charm of praying jummah in a historical place. Amine Bahdod, Morocco / Courtesy of IRPC

Benefits of the International Ramadan Photography Competition

“Thank you for spreading the majesty of Ramadan. Our family loves to gather around the computer and enjoy being transported to faraway places after iftaar (the meal after sunset when Muslims break their fast).” Tawfeeq Martin, IRPC fan and participant from California.

Surprising Benefits of IRPC:

  • Non-Muslims can witness the images of Muslims as the month of Ramadan progresses and throughout the year. Viewers are presented with an artistic display into a Muslim’s life, which serves as a unique form of education through images rather than words.
  • Muslims are encouraged to volunteer and perform charitable acts during the month of Ramadan. Therefore, Muslims may offer their time and services to the growth of IRPC during the holy month and throughout the year.

“The Capture the Spirit of Ramadan International Photography Competition is a wonderful initiative that gives the viewer the opportunity to learn about the customs and traditions of Muslims all over the world as they celebrate the holy month of Ramadan with an added sense of spirituality and brotherhood.” Hisham Sarsour, an award-winning photojournalist and 2011 2nd place winner of the IRPC.

image Guljar Colony Masjid. Kailash Mittal, India / Courtesy of IRPC

image Prayer. Naushad Ali, Saudi Arabia / Courtesy of IRPC

image Ramadan is the month of the Qur'an. Ihsaan Haffejee, South Africa / Courtesy of IRPC

image Ramadan- the month of the Holy Quran. Serag Zwait, Libya / Courtesy of IRPC

International Ramadan Photography Competition

The “Capture the Spirit of Ramadan” International Photography Competition™ was founded by Basel Almisshal, an award-winning architect, designer and professional photographer in 2011. The mission of the IRPC is to educate and enlighten people about Ramadan through the art of photography while providing an international platform for Muslim and non-Muslim photographers to share their talent with the world. The IRPC has seen massive growth in its first two years, and this year welcomes new jury members including the celebrated photojournalist and past World Press Awards judge, Professor Shahidul Alam and Steve McCurry, National Geographic award-winning photographer of the world's most recognized photo, the green eyed "Afghan Girl".

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