Second Sarajevo Green Design Festival 2011 will take place from 09.09.2011 - 17.09.2011. The focus of this year’s festival is on green implementation.

35 experts from all over the world will be presenting the new methods that can transform the existing design, manufacturing, consumption and life styles concepts into new sustainable concepts. The festival will cover the themes from Green Materials and techniques, Labelling Branding and Design, Social cohesion and cultural continuity, Mobility, Energy solutions, Inclusive Design, Green Cities. Sarajevo Green Design Festival aims at broadening the awareness related to the global environmental problems that affect every country and every citizen in the world. It focuses spatially on the role that creative industry can play in solving these problems and necessity of closer collaboration between designers and production industry. Considering the overwhelming size of the problem related to the recourse use in the future Sarajevo Green Design Festival involves all scales of and making things from urban scale to product scale.

Number of exhibitions, lectures, panel discussions and workshops will be organized that will address the state of the art in green design and dilemmas that product-design, interior, graphic design, architecture and urban design are facing in the 21st century.Green Design Festival in Sarajevo has become a platform for the promotion of innovative ideas as for example the first B&H electric car, presentation of the first B&H national report on climate change, First large scale green building project in Bosnia and Herzegovina “Cultural and Sport centre in Mostar”, book presentation on B&H architecture in last 15 years, new mater programs at the University of Sarajevo, promotion of Eco /slow food concept, but also a platform for industry meetings between investors and local green industries and promotion of green products and systems.

Besides the Sarajevo program this year’s events will include a green design Day on Energy solutions in Mostar.

This year’s special guests are Ken Yeang leading architect and thinker in the field of green design and Michale Braungart a founder of Cradle to Cradle concept together with William McDonough. Besides number of lectures, students from different countries will be involved in five different workshops, industries will be presenting their innovative technologies during industry presentation sessions, couple of films will be shown that illustrate the potential of the green solutions and visitors will be able to visit 11 international exhibitions including a Cradle 2 Cradle exhibition and C2C products.

Programme and more info:

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